Engagement Opportunities

Volunteer to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) and share business knowledge to eager to learn high school students in the local Lansing area. 

Available Opportunities 

Business Mentors
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
Guest Speakers


YEA! provides all of the curriculum, class lessons, PowerPoint slides, assignments, and even administrative support via a dedicated program manager.  Instructors will take on this role for a 10-week time period. Each segment will be held every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce (classes not held on school holiday breaks).

Instructors are the 'rock star' that powerfully delivers our “make a job, don’t just take a job” philosophy to local, talented, and ambitious students in our YEA! class.

Below is a description of each 10-week segment:

The Big Idea! Instructor 

The Big Idea 10-week segment is scheduled to run from November through January.  During these classes, the students will be brainstorming and identifying different skills, talents, interests and passions that they possess and how those intersect with a great business opportunity for them. You will teach the students how to think outside of the box, how to write a rough draft of a business plan, and how to begin transforming their passions and interests into real companies!  Guest speakers and field trip visits have been arranged and will assist you in delivering the material to the students. 

“The Business Plan & Pitch” Instructor 

The Business Plan & Pitch 10-week segment is scheduled to run from January through March.  During these classes, the students will be putting together their business plans based on their business ideas created in the previous weeks and preparing to pitch their plans for funding at the Investor Panel Event. This segment teaches students the process of writing a complete business plan, how to meet deadlines and benchmarks, and how to polish and prepare their plans to pitch to a panel of investors for the hopes of getting funded. 

“The Launch!” Instructor

The Launch 10-week segment is scheduled to run from April through May and includes 6 classes and 5 signature events. During these classes, the students will be putting their business plans to action as they manufacture products, order equipment, perfect their services, and prepare to get their first real customers at the Trade Show Event. Students will open bank accounts, legally register their business name and actually complete the launch of their business. 

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Business Mentors 

As a Business Mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to provide coaching, guidance, and direction to a business enterprise by helping the students develop and complete their business plan.

YEA! Business Mentors commit to seven classroom visits, taking place over seven weeks in January and February from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. each Wednesday at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. 

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Graphic Designers (six needed)

As a Graphic Designer, you’ll have the opportunity to provide coaching, guidance, and direction to one or two student business enterprises by helping the students create a brand for their businesses.

YEA! Graphic Designers commit to one classroom visit in February the remainder of the work is done via email or phone. Graphic Designers will create the following for each of their business groups. 

  • Brochure
  • Business cards
  • Web template
  • Logo
  • Letterhead 

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Web Developers (six needed)

As a Web Developer, you will consult with the student groups and create a website for one or two student groups. Developers create a simple website for the students. Students needing more elaborate websites may negotiate pricing with the web developers, for work to be completed after funding is obtained. YEA! Web developers commit to an initial in-class consultation in February. 

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2018 Guest Speakers Opportunities

These speakers will commit to a one-time session to talk about their business experience and share their knowledge in the field to the students in class. 

JanuaryInsurance & Risk Management 
FebruaryGraphic Designer Meeting
FebruaryNiche Marketing 
FebruaryElevator Pitch 
FebruaryCEO Roundtable: Share tips with students
MarchSchool Trade Show
MarchInvestor Panel Presentations
AprilTax Professional  
AprilBanking Partner & Speaker

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To volunteer, please contact Anita Lindsay at alindsay@michamber.com or (517) 371-7671.