Secure Michigan's Energy Future

Promoting an energy policy that strengthens Michigan’s economic competitiveness and modernizes generation and infrastructure is a high-priority issue for the Michigan Chamber because emerging technologies, newly-discovered resources, and regulators at all levels are driving dramatic changes to energy policy. It is critical to fashion a strong new energy policy for Michigan focused on economic growth and competitiveness. This will help secure Michigan’s energy future by ensuring access to safe, affordable, and reliable energy.

During the 2015-2016 legislative session, the Michigan Chamber will advocate:

  • Championing  a long-term energy policy predicated on cost-based rates which are formulated through a portfolio focused on generating safe, reliable, and affordable energy.
    • Eliminating costly and burdensome state mandates for renewable energy and energy efficiency.
    • Supporting reasonable, flexible and cost-effective measures for implementing federal compliance requirements
    • Providing avenues to ensure energy rates remain competitive
    • Ensuring high intensity user rates are implemented as intended
  • Working with legislators, energy providers and Michigan Chamber members to guarantee economically responsible generation and infrastructure are in place to avoid energy shortages.
  • Protecting Michigan's ability to responsibly explore for oil and gas while maintaining high standards that protect public health and the environment.

Chamber Staff Contact:
Jason Geer
Director of Energy & Environmental Policy
(517) 371-7673