Easiest Way to Catch Basic Lies on Resumes and Applications

November 3, 2015

Odds are good that more than half of the resumes and job applications you review contain any number of misrepresentations, falsehoods, lies…whatever you want to call them.

By performing a fast and easy address search – which reviews tons of public record sources all over the U.S. –you can learn the addresses your applicants have used for the last one to 25 years, when a Social Security number was entered as part of the identifying information. This could be when they secured a loan, rented an apartment, co-signed a financial document, enrolled in school, etc.

You can then use this information to compare it to details on the resumé and application. So, if the applicant says he has lived and worked in Michigan his entire life but addresses all over the country appear on the report, it is possible he might be trying to hide something, such as a sketchy work history or even a criminal record. Surely, there are legitimate reasons other addresses can appear, such as the cosigning of a loan as mentioned above. But, when you see addresses that don’t make sense, you can simply ask the applicant about them and use your judgment as you further consider him for employment. In fact, you can share the report with him and ask him to explain it to you. This can be done in just minutes with a background screening program.

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

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