Driving Records Must Be Checked for any Employee that Drives for Business Purposes

January 5, 2016

If your business hires commercial drivers you understand the federal laws that require you to investigate and monitor the driving activities of your employees. These drivers must meet a number of federal standards, as well as those established by your insurance carriers. But what about those employees who don’t drive 18-wheelers, but instead are behind the wheel of a company or personal vehicle?

These employees must have valid licenses which allows those employee to be covered under the company’s insurance policies. Think about it: A salesperson driving his own vehicle gets into an accident and the driver of the other car is injured or killed. The investigation shows your employee was driving with a license that had been revoked a year ago or recently suspended. Every attorney in the country would love to have your company in court. Why take such a risk?

Even if an employee uses a car to make a bank deposit a mile away every day or drives to get some lunch for the office, you should be confident these employees have valid licenses. Most companies will check licenses every year, since some employees may not be honest enough to admit they have lost driving privileges. Your background screening company should be able to check driving records in all states.

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

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