Does Corporate Know HOW Millennials Have Been Educated in College?

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July 6, 2017

Academics and Corporate go hand-in-hand. And yet, they are not holding hands.

After leaving the corporate world, I was surprised by the academic process. In some colleges, I was given a lesson plan but EXPECTED to modify it with content that I felt was good for student education. At other colleges, I write my own lesson plans completely without involvement from the college. I’m given a book and I write the lesson plan, syllabus and rubric. But then, I have a Masters in Education.

If you trust me as a business professional, then you want me to be in control of my lesson plans. I have an MBA plus 20+ years of business experience. I have won an American Marketing Award for my branding campaigns at billion-dollar companies, and won multiple $20 Million dollar corporate accounts, and more. And yet some educators I’ve met (some, not all) – I trust - not so much.

But examine how corporations - especially those in HR or Staffing - engage with the world of academia? Most will recruit from the schools, but do they really fully ENGAGE (on all levels) to make sure the students meet their needs? The answer is sadly, NO.

I have had not one company, ask ME how I teach my classes. Corporations may sit on collegiate boards – but I’ve never met a board member while working in academia. When I've shared stories, like the one below, my corporate friends are shocked. I can't blame them!

So, if employers are so concerned about the Millennial generation, then they should be freaked out, as I am, about Millennials - but also GenZ (or the iGen now in K-12). Because I am very concerned about what I see coming out of K-12 and how students are being trained for the “practical” side of business - not just the “strategic’ side. The U.S. (the world's largest economy and super-power) is ranked 24th globally for education - and I believe I know why.

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Contributed by Amy J. Keeley.

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