Detroit Free Press: "Political Ad Unfairly Targeted Michigan Chamber, Members"

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July 16, 2018

A few days ago, a paid political advertisement ran on these pages, attacking members of the Michigan business community, including myself, with inflammatory and inaccurate accusations. The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press leadership acknowledged they ran these ads without following their normal review procedure. 

But the damage is done. 

How did this happen? In the middle of a respectful debate between Michiganders over a lengthy and complicated rewrite to our State Constitution regarding a redistricting ballot proposal, an out-of-state activist group inserted itself into the mix in an effort to bully and intimidate these Michigan citizens. 

These individuals were targeted because of their association and volunteer leadership with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. 

Supporters of this attack campaign have called for boycotts, public harassment and violence against our volunteer leaders and their businesses. These individuals did not ask for this; nor do they deserve it. Their intentions and integrity were called into question. Their personal safety was compromised. Their families were threatened. Their businesses were condemned. Advertisement

All because one small group of radical activists initiated an aggressive social media campaign and purchased paid advertisements online and in the pages of our own newspapers to attack Michigan citizens.