DEQ Wants to Eliminate All Fee Sunsets; Chamber Expresses Caution

March 18, 2019

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director, Liesl Eichler Clark, said last week that the Department wants to eliminate all fee sunsets moving forward. The Chamber says not so fast.

Every Administration advocates for the elimination of fee sunsets or expirations because they don’t want to have to spend the time fighting the same battle over and over again. While the Michigan Chamber recognizes that these endless sunsets for DEQ fees can be frustrating for all parties, they are an essential oversight lever for the Legislature. The fee sunsets force everyone to take time to review a fee and ensure it continues to be necessary and that it is funding what it is intended to fund. By requiring an independent vote to reinstate a fee, we ensure necessary legislative review. 

The Michigan Chamber would welcome a conversation with the new DEQ Director to discuss how we might be able to work together to find a path forward on fee sunsets that may work better for the agency. 

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