Data Breach Mandates Back from the Dead; Chamber Urging Support for Compromise Deal Reached Last Year

February 25, 2019

As reported last year, legislation mandating businesses to notify effected individuals of a data breach is back this legislative session.

The Michigan Chamber had been on the front lines of brokering a deal with businesses and financial institutions on reasonable notification mandates that would benefit consumers and the banking industry; but due to an unwillingness for the bill sponsor to honor the compromise, the deal has yet to gain momentum.

House Bill 4186 and House Bill 4187 are reintroductions of data breach notification mandates that set businesses up for failure. The Michigan Chamber will continue to advocate for the compromise reached last year that will protect consumers in a manner with which businesses can comply. 

The bills were introduced February 14th and a hearing was held on the 20th. The Michigan Chamber testified in opposition to the legislation and urged the committee to support the compromise.

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