Company Transparency Leads to Employee Engagement

June 2, 2016

The key triggers in employee engagement rely on building a corporate culture of transparency. Here are four best practices that company leaders can start using today: 

  1. Start a Blog – To help build solid workplace relationships, trust is #1. Use communication tools, such as blogs, to help share what’s going on today and what’s coming up. A blog setting allows for feedback and ongoing discussions to get employees involved.
  2. Share, Share, Share – Don’t be too afraid of sharing information; truly transparent companies share topics including financials (cash balances, profits and losses, etc.), board meeting decks, management meeting decks, “strategic” topics, basically anything and everything employees need to stay informed and aligned with the company vision. 
  3. Ask for Help - Be open and honest about company problems because employees can help find solutions. Make company performance public with progress reports on customer support, blog performance, business performance and more. Doing so increases accountability, highlights issues and encourages employees to find solutions.
  4. Hold Regular Meetings – Continually update and communicate company strategy. Hold frequent company and department meetings to communicate in-person updates on the company and provide an opportunity for employees to share suggestions so leaders can listen. 

Contributed by Kym Hess, HR Business Partner, HR Collaborative, LLC.

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