Choose Your Words Wisely when Making Collection Calls

April 6, 2017

When communicating in the debt collection process, your words can either work for you or against you. The words you choose, and the tenor in which you apply them, can make or break your chances of recovery.  

One of the biggest mistakes of debt collectors is the use of negative words. Negative words activate the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight response). This real physiological reaction occurs when an individual perceives an attack or threat. Physical and emotional changes transpire within the person causing them to be prone to aggression and anxiety. An individual dealing with aggression and/or anxiety creates a barrier between the perceived threat.   

Successful resolution to an outstanding accounts receivable balance mandates that an individual owing the balance must remain receptive to the collector. The way to success is building a rapport through your words.  Leave behind the “no’s”, the “won’ts” and the “can’ts” and replace them with “I am willing” or “What I can do for you is”.  The positive spin on saying the same thing keeps communication lanes open, thus creating an environment to get paid! 

Contributed by Jennifer DietrichChief Operating Officer at Universal Credit Services, Inc. 

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