Legislative Priorities

Richard K. Studley

President & CEO

(517) 371-7671


  • Encourage the Governor and Legislature to work together on a legislative solution to improve Michigan’s roads and bridges.
  • Support modernization of the Soo Locks.
  • Support efforts to finalize construction of the new international trade crossing between Detroit and Windsor.
  • Advocate for a consistent statewide regulatory structure applied to infrastructure projects that protects taxpayers by constraining costs, limiting delays and planning in advance for Michigan’s construction needs.
  • Support the plan to protect the Great Lakes and maintain critical energy infrastructure by replacing the current Line 5 pipeline with an underground tunnel.


Michigan’s economic competitiveness and the health and safety of citizens depends on elected leaders working together to implement effective strategies to construct and maintain safe, reliable and affordable infrastructure. The time for campaign rhetoric and lofty promises has long since passed; we must demand less talk and more action. Michigan’s current band-aid approach to fixing the roads is exacerbating safety hazards and increasing repair costs. Roads and bridges are often the most identifiable problems, but a long-term infrastructure strategy must include planning relative to water treatment systems, storm sewers, ports and airports. In the race for jobs Michigan is competing with locations around the nation and globe and we must ensure we have the infrastructure necessary to compete on equal footing and win. Michiganders must demand that state government undertake the task of planning for the future and taking the steps necessary to enact sound solutions.