Chamber Supports Effort to Simplify Tax Appeals

October 8, 2017

Far too often, taxpayers are forced to endure unnecessary hardship just to comply with state taxes. The Michigan Chamber supports HB 4976 to give taxpayers an opportunity to rectify discrepancies in tax assessments without having to go through a long, expensive, and time consuming legal battle. The Chamber commends the Michigan Department of Treasury for its efforts to give taxpayers a common-sense avenue to straighten out tax issues that arise.

HB 4976 will allow businesses to work with treasury officials directly on questionable assessments without having to enter into the formal appeals process. This new process should benefit all taxpayers and protect their right to fair and accessible tax administration.

For more information on this or any other tax-related legislation, contact Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy, at or (517) 371-7669.