Chamber Stands Up for Job Providers By Opposing State House Democrats' Job-Killing Tax Hikes

June 21, 2019

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today issued the following statement in response to legislation being pushed by Michigan House Democrats to increase infrastructure funding on the backs of job providers.

Earlier this year, House Democrats proposed increasing the personal income tax by 97 percent on individuals and small businesses owners who make over $75,000 per year; now Michigan House Democrats are proposing to increase Michigan’s Corporate Income Tax by 42 percent and create a new tax on small businesses.

"This proposal is part of a dangerous and threatening anti-business agenda proposed by State House Democrats,” said Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy & Regulatory Affairs for the Michigan Chamber. “Instead of proposing irresponsible plans that aren't grounded in political or fiscal reality, House Democrats should work with members of both parties and the Governor to develop real solutions to improve Michigan's infrastructure."

"Joining the ranks of California and Illinois in having one of the highest corporate income tax rates in the nation and increasing the tax burden on Michigan's small businesses would take an economic wrecking ball to Michigan's economic competitiveness," noted Papineau. 

"This is a clear attack on Michigan job providers and the Michigan Chamber is unalterably opposed to these job killing plans,” concluded Papineau.