Chamber Partnership Program

The Chamber Partnership Program offers access to products and services for Chamber partner members and provides an additional revenue stream to the Chamber partner. Every time your members use the special promotional code assigned to you, you will get a percentage of that revenue. Residual checks are sent quarterly. And, periodically we will extend special offers just for members!

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Bi-Monthly Featured Offer:

Bulk Poster Opportunity

You now have an opportunity to purchase 50 posters for $750 (that's only $15 each)! Then you can provide them to your members for $39 or $49 each.

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Michigan & Federal Labor Law Posters 

The [enter your Chamber of Commerce name] wants to help you comply with posting laws and make it easy and affordable
That’s why we have labor law posters available for you to purchase and pick up right now! All of the current mandatory state and federal notices are included in their required sizes on one 27” x 39” attractively printed and laminated sheet.

Do I have to post labor law posters?
Yes, if you have one or more employees. Required notices exist so your employees are aware of their employment rights and various workplace laws and regulations. They must be available in a common area regularly visited by employees where they have an unobstructed opportunity to view them, so you may need to post them in more than one area.

How often do labor law posters change?
No one can accurately predict this as the posting revisions result from regulatory or legislative changes that follow no set timetable. Notices also come from a number of different State and Federal agencies, which makes it very difficult for the average employer to know which notices are required, when they change or even where to find them.

How much do they cost?
Each poster is $39 plus sales tax, for a total of $41.34. If you purchase 10 or more, they are just $29 each plus sales tax. By purchasing through us and taking them with you, there are no shipping and handling charges to worry about!

What else comes with the poster?
Your annual payment keeps you current and compliant for one full year. We will notify you of any changes to the posters for a 12-month period that you can just print it off and place on your current poster until the next year!

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All Available Solutions You Can Promote

Publications & Posters

  • Labor Law Posters
  • Compliance Guides 

Training & Education

  • Seminars & Webinars
  • Customized Training

HR Solutions

  • Education Financial Assistance (Student Loans/College Savings)

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Salary & Benefits Survey
  • Unemployment Insurance Assistance

Operational Solutions

  • Business Supplies
  • Certificates of Origin (electronic)
  • Cyber Security
  • Billing Audits (Utilities, Shipping, Taxes, etc.)

Marketing Methods Available to You

  • On your Website: Graphic with links will be provided for placement on your web site home page.
  • Within your e-Newsletter: Graphic with sample language will be provided for placement on your e-newsletters.
  • At your Events: Third-page card print-off will be provided for display within your office and at events.
  • Email specific to product/service: Marketing text will be provided for you to copy and paste into email templates.
  • Direct Mail - or included with other mailed piece: Marketing flyers can be designed for you to mail out directly.
  • Provide membership list for us to call: Phone calls can be made on your behalf for certain products/services.

Not a CPP Partner Yet?

It’s easy! Just complete this enrollment form, we’ll set you up with a promo code and then you can begin marketing whatever products and services best fit your members! Contact Matt Maher at with questions.