Chamber Defeats Extremist Efforts to Ban Safe, Reliable Energy Exploration

June 1, 2016

Michigan Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Rich Studley today declared success for the Protect Michigan’s Energy Future coalition’s “Decline to Sign” efforts. Earlier today, fringe environmentalists trying to prevent hydraulic fracturing in Michigan announced their signature efforts would fall short.  

Earlier in the year, the Michigan Chamber engaged in a grassroots effort to educate voters on the benefits of hydraulic fracturing to the economy. The campaign informed Michigan voters about the value of safe, reliable energy exploration methods and encouraged voters not to sign on to extremist efforts to ban such methods.

“It is very appropriate that this group of environmental extremists today announced its failure to collect the signatures required to put this proposal on Michigan’s ballot, Studley noted, “as today is the one-year anniversary of the Michigan Chamber’s ‘Decline to Sign’ campaign to stop them.”

“The winners here are the more than 30,000 Michigan citizens who work in energy exploration-related jobs, and Michigan consumers who require safe and reliable forms of energy,” added Studley.  

“Over the past year, the Michigan Chamber has worked diligently to educate Michigan voters about how damaging to our economy this proposal would be through the “Decline to Sign” campaign on our website at and through radio advertising, Studley said. “I am very pleased that our efforts succeeded.”

“The Michigan Chamber will never back down when Michigan jobs or our economy are threatened,” said Jim Holcomb, Senior Vice President for Business Advocacy and General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. “Through our grassroots campaign, we provided voters with facts while the opposition gave only fear not based in science.”

“The facts today are the same as they were a year ago,” noted Holcomb. “Fracking has been conducted safely and reliably in Michigan for over 50 years, over 30,000 jobs are dependent on its use, and our economy needs the less expensive source of energy it provides.”

“The Michigan Chamber will remain on guard to protect Michigan’s energy future,” Holcomb concluded.