Chamber Opposes Legislation Aimed at Limiting Employers’ Weapons Policies

September 23, 2019

Legislation intended to force employers and other property owners to lift their gun-free and weapons-free policies was introduced in the Michigan House last week.  While the Michigan Chamber supports the right to bear arms for lawful purposes, we believe weapons policies should be a private property owner’s choice – not a decision mandated by state government.

House Bill 4976 specifies that property owners that entirely or partially designate their property as a gun-free or weapon-free zone would be responsible for the safety of an individual who enters the gun-free or weapon-free zone and make the property owner liable in a civil action for damages that result from injuries that an individual as a result of the policy. 

The Michigan Chamber supports the right of private property owners, including business owners, to control the use of their property. The proposed legislation is an attack on private property rights and would take away the right of employers to determine on a case-by-case basis whether to allow guns in their facilities and parking lots--or ban them altogether.  We believe individual choice and freedom should remain the rule of law in Michigan.

The Michigan Chamber will be closely monitoring this legislation. Please contact Wendy Block with any questions or if you have an interest in joining a formal coalition in opposition to this bill and similar legislation.