Chamber-Led Bill to Improve Taxpayer Access to Courts - One Step Closer to Reality!

June 1, 2015

Great News! Last week, the State House unanimously passed Senate Bill 100, championed by Senator Brandenburg, which eliminates the current “pay-to-play” requirement for taxpayers who want to utilize the Court of Claims to protest state tax assessments. Once the Senate concurs on the bill this week, it will be sent to the Governor for his signature!

This long overdue reform would be a huge legislative accomplishment since, for many taxpayers, using the Court of Claims was simply cost-prohibitive due to this unfair and archaic requirement. It also has become increasingly difficult for those taxpayers who did win in court, and were owed state refunds, to get the money owed to them back from the State because often the over-paid assessments were so enormous the Michigan Department of Treasury did not want to give up the money. Senate Bill 100 injects fairness into the system and gives all taxpayers the option to use this court, or continue utilizing the Michigan Tax Tribunal if they so choose. The bills effective date would be in the Spring of 2016.