Chamber Leadership on Workers' Comp Reform Continues to Pay Dividends

May 16, 2016

A new national study shows the sweeping reforms pushed by the Michigan Chamber in 2011 to Michigan’s workers’ compensation system continue to be successful in stabilizing the workers’ comp system and lowering costs for employers. 

The recently released Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) study compares 18 state’s workers' compensation claims and found Michigan’s average cost per claim was once again the lowest of the states surveyed.

This good news echoes a report from the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency this fall, highlighting that Michigan’s workers’ compensation rates have decreased by 32.7 percent the 2011 reforms. While Michigan’s rate continues to decline, the national average increased 11.3 percent. 

Furthermore, a recent medical report from WCRI highlighted over successes in Michigan’s program, finding the state’s average medical payments per claim were among the lowest of the studied states.

The 2011 reforms included defining disability and post-injury earning capacity, and have played an underlying role in the reduction of costs for our employers. The changes brought certainty to Michigan’s work comp system, ensuring the protection of Michiganders injured on the job and has helped put them back to work.

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