Evolving Tax Issues...What's Next

November 1, 2019

Keeping up with changing state tax rules and regulations can be daunting. To make sure business has a seat at the table on evolving policy changes, Michigan Chamber staff regularly attends quarterly meetings of the State's Business Tax Advisory Group (BTAG). The advisory group includes the State Treasurer and top Department of Treasury officials directly involved in business taxation for the state. BTAG serves as a forum for the MI Department of Treasury to seek input on administrative issues and keep the business community informed on tax policy changes. The Michigan Chamber is one of only a few organizations that has a permanent seat on the advisory group.

Last week, Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy and Regulatory Affairs for the Michigan Chamber, attended the BTAG's quarterly meeting. Issues discussed included:

  • Replacing the “incident to service test,” also known as the Catalina Test, for determining when transactions are taxable.
  • A new legal argument barring taxpayer’s the right to appeal directly to the Tax Tribunal.
  • A new legal argument baring taxpayers the right to appeal a property tax valuation.
  • Issues with Power of Attorney filings.
  • An update on litigation, legislation, offer in compromise, alternative dispute resolution, and upcoming guidance (including GILTI and 163j).
  • Updates from the tax compliance bureau, tax administration bureau, and the taxpayer advocate.

For more information, of if you have any questions, please contact Dan Papineau at dpapineau@michamber.com