Chamber Fights Back Bill Aimed at Subsidizing Schools on the Backs of Employers, Employees

December 11, 2017

Good News! We are pleased to report that the Michigan Chamber was successful in its efforts to block legislation aimed at subsidizing schools on the backs of employers and employees through a hidden tax on their electric utility bills.

Last week, the Michigan Chamber testified before the House Energy Committee in opposition to House Bill 4708 because it would have increased the cost of energy for employers and residential customers through a special carve out for schools – a clear deviation from the state’s new Chamber-backed energy policy that requires all customers’ electric rates be based on cost of service. Once the door is opened to carve outs, subsidies and rate shifts, it just means higher and higher electric rates for everyone left behind.

Thanks to the Chamber’s strong and swift opposition, it appears HB 4708 will not receive a vote and will hopefully never return.

For more information, contact Jason Geer, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy for the Michigan Chamber, at (517) 371-7673 or