Chamber Corrects Unfair Deadlines for Filing PPT Exemptions

December 17, 2017

Chamber-backed legislation to provide fairer deadlines for filing Personal Property Tax exemption forms was sent to the Governor last week. This is great news for filers who currently have no recourse if they fail to meet the February 20th deadline for submitting eligible manufacturing personal property (EMPP) tax exemption claims. The Governor is expected to sign the legislation. 

In the two years since the EMPP tax exemption went into effect, the Michigan Chamber has pushed the legislature to pass legislation to extent the February deadline to May to allow taxpayers to get the exemption they were owed. Having a formal appeals process in place for taxpayers is commonsense and good public policy. 

Under the four-bill package now before the Governor, (SBs 570-573), the due date for the combined exemption and PPT statement will be a postmark date of Feb. 20th. If a local assessor receives the form and denies the claim because the postmark date is after Feb. 20th, a taxpayer can appeal to the March Board of Review and receive the exemption. 

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