Aggregate Mining Permits Critically Important

February 3, 2020

Last week, Michigan Chamber President and CEO, Rich Studley, testified in support of legislation that would prevent local units of government from unjustly denying the issuance of aggregate mining permits across Michigan.

As local governments find creative ways to stall and avoid issuing aggregate mining permits, the price of this important building material continues to skyrocket. Senate Bill 431 would modify Michigan’s zoning laws to strengthen property rights and restore balance in local government permitting processes.

Studley told the Senate Transportation Committee that in an environment where road funding dollars already fall short of adequacy, artificially inflating the cost of aggregate only exacerbates the problem Michigan has with its deteriorating transportation infrastructure. Choking off the supply of this critical natural resource forces the state to spend more money unnecessarily on material to build roads, leaving less money to actually fix them.   

The Chamber supports regulating mining activity in a responsible and environmentally conscious way. Disallowing this type of activity through questionable local zoning policies violates the property rights of landowners and strangles the economic benefit of an entire industry.

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