Chamber Calls on Activist Group to Get Their Facts Straight, Practice Civility

Get the facts straight
July 10, 2018

Negative attacks on members of the Michigan Chamber Board of Directors by Represent.Us continue to be misdirected and do not reflect the facts, says the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber is not trying to restrict anyone's right to vote, as this misinformed campaign suggests," said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “We oppose this specific ballot proposal because proponents have failed to meet the clear requirements set forth in state law and the Michigan Constitution to qualify for the ballot.”

“Furthermore, the companies and individuals that have been the focus of a harassment campaign and unfairly targeted by Represent.Us have not taken positions for or against the redistricting ballot proposal and are not parties to the lawsuit challenging its legality,” said Studley. "Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution (CPMC), a nonprofit organization independent of the Chamber Board, filed this challenge.”

"Repeat, Chamber Board members and individual member companies of the Michigan Chamber are not party to the lawsuit," said Studley.

“The Michigan Chamber, like other Chambers of Commerce all across America, promotes conditions favorable to job creation and business success in Michigan, which benefits all Michiganders," continued Studley. "The Chamber acts as a strong advocate for its members in the legislative, political and legal processes. Everything the Chamber does is in compliance with state and federal laws.”

“The Michigan Chamber calls on Represent.Us to get their facts straight, cease their social media smear campaign and practice the ‘civility in politics’ they’re preaching,” concluded Studley.