Chamber-Backed Tax Bills On the Move

October 16, 2017

Several pieces of tax policy have been moving through the legislative process. Following is a brief rundown of Chamber-supported tax bills that are currently on the move: 

Food Tax Preemption – Legislation (House Bill 4999 which makes it clear that local units of government cannot adopt local taxes on food or beverages got the final stamp of approval by the Legislature last week and is now on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.

Expanding Treasury’s Settlement AuthorityHouse Bill 4976 will allow Treasury to settle tax disputes without having to spend significant time and money on legal proceedings and appeals. This bill was approved by the House and awaits action in the Senate. 

Sales/Use Tax on Dental ProstheticsSenate Bills 566-567, legislation to “re-exempt” dental prosthetics from sales and use taxes, have been approved by the Senate. The bills are now before the House Tax Policy Committee where they are expected to be approved this week.  

Sales/Use Tax on Aviation Repair Parts – Airplanes needing repair will no longer have to fly out of state to receive special tax treatment. Legislation (HBs 4350-4351) awaits final approval by the full Senate before heading to the Governor’s desk that will level the playing field for aviation repair facilities in Michigan.

PPT Exemption Deadline Fix – A package of bills has been approved by the Senate and awaits action in the House that will loosen the hard, Feb. 20th filing deadline for manufacturing personal property exemption. Under the legislation, companies who miss the deadline will be allowed to go to the board of review to ensure they receive their exemption.  

For more information on these bills, visit or contact Dan Papineau, Director of Tax Policy, at