Bills Regulating/Taxing Liquid Nicotine Introduced

February 10, 2020

A six-bill package was introduced last week to regulate and tax liquid nicotine commonly referred to as vape. Senate Bills 781-786 come in response to an ongoing legal battle prompted by Governor Whitmer’s ban on all flavored liquid nicotine products after the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services declared a (somewhat surprising) public health emergency. 

The bills would do the following:

  • SB 0781 (Ananich): Imposes a 24% tax on the wholesale price of liquid nicotine products.
  • SB 782 (Bullock):  Creates a $25 license that would be required to sell liquid nicotine products.
  • SB 783 (Runestad): Imposes marketing restrictions on advertising liquid nicotine products to minors.
  • SB 784 (Theis): Requires age verification before selling liquid nicotine products in stores or online.
  • SB 785 (Zorn) and SB 786 (Wojno): Increases the legal smoking age to 21.

The Michigan Chamber supports these bills and believes responsible regulation should be set by the legislature and not done behind closed doors within the Governor’s office. The legislative process will now allow industry and all interested parties to work cooperatively to impose worthwhile regulation on this legal product.

For more information on this package of bills, please contact Dan Papineau at