Bill To End Wasteful and Ineffective Film Subsidy Receives Public Hearing

March 1, 2015

The Michigan House Tax Policy Committee held a hearing last week on legislation to finally put an end to Hollywood film subsidies. House Bill 4122 was introduced by State Representative Dan Lauwers and 11 co-sponsors. The Michigan Chamber applauds this effort and agrees with Rep. Lauwers that this program makes no sense

The Michigan Chamber testified in strong support of this legislation because this experiment with throwing good taxpayer money at bad programs needs to end. The film subsidy has now cost Michigan taxpayers $50 million over the years and has shown minimal return on investment.

Legislation that was signed last year to extend the film subsidy now reimburses high-paid producers even more money, while eliminating incentives for hiring Michigan residents, and allows the producer to seek a waiver from Michigan hiring requirements. Repeal of this costly subsidy is long overdue and the Michigan Chamber is urging the Legislature to take fast action on this important bill.  

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