Become a Talented Trainer: Guide Your Employees, Temps, Contractors to Success

Ongoing, results-driven employee training programs are critical for creating a motivated, skilled, and effective workforce. Internal training gets new employees off to a good start, retains existing talent, reduces turnover, helps coach and motivate employees, and provides relevant on-the-job training.

But many HR professionals and managers in charge of internal training don’t have the training they need to be highly effective in this role. If this describes you, then this BRAND NEW, comprehensive, one-day seminar is just for you. Join us to learn how you can be a great trainer and gain practical skills and strategies that work. Attendees will become effective and interesting facilitators instead of lecturers, cut program development time, and increase interaction and retention.

Who Should Attend
Training specialists, human resource professionals, managers who train, and skilled employees expected to deliver training to new hires.

What You Will Learn

How to Tailor the Presentation to Your Audience

  • Assess audiences and adapt methods for different learners, cultures, generations and educational levels
  • Prevent yourself from being trapped by the old-fashioned visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner trap
  • Tailor classes for groups and one-on-one presentations
  • Make sure material will translate well for those whose first language isn’t English

How to Put it All Together

  • Develop effective onboarding training, safety talks, annual compliance and benefits meetings and more
  • Create error-free, logical programs that get results
  • Develop outlines for management and cost-justify your training through objectives and measuring results
  • Create valuable workbooks, handouts, presentations, and relevant games

What You Should and Shouldn’t Include

  • Avoid common traps and eliminate wordiness and death by PowerPoint; cut the fat from your programs
  • Get information from skilled workers who know how to do the job but don’t know how to teach it
  • Be on the lookout for technical oddities that can be lost in translation
  • Boil technical material down to job quality examples

How to Make It Effective

  • Make dull subjects come alive and
  • Stop giving them MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over) with PowerPoint
  • Communicate with statistics, words, tables, graphs, charts, video and audio
  • Create activities that reinforce every principle and move your learners around frequently

How to Handle the Unexpected

  • Learn seamless presentation navigation so you hide what goes on behind the curtain
  • Handle problems when the projector dies or the computer conks out
  • Deal with crowd control, hecklers, negativity, outside noise, and reluctant learners
  • Develop a trainer secret for keeping other trainers on track so programs don’t go too long

Feel free to bring your laptop to class – there is free wifi in the building and Laura will help you with tips on PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel, so that your training rocks!

Laura Simms owns PROFESSORDOCTORMOM, LLC, and is one of the Michigan Chamber’s most popular trainers. Laura has provided learner-centered training for more than 4,000 participants and conducts classes that are fun, effective, and full of time-saving ideas. She’ll teach you extra tips for Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint to improve your training, and all of her examples are based on real-life principles. Laura has an MSA from Central Michigan (1999), a BIS from Wayne State (1993), a 180-hour OSHA specialist certificate from Eastern Michigan (2009) and is an authorized federal OSHA general industry outreach trainer (2007).