Are You Ready to E-Verify?

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June 2, 2016

E-Verify is a fast, free, and easy-to-use internet-based service run by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and partnership with the Social Security Administration that allows employers to verify the eligibility of their newly hired employees to legally work in the United States. It is important that employers understand E-Verify and employee rights during the federal employment eligibility verification processes.

All U.S. employers are required by law to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 for every worker hired. That includes citizens and non-citizens.

E-Verify takes the Form I-9 process one step further. It compares information provided on a Form I-9 against information in government records. In most cases, It tells the employer in just seconds if an employee is eligible to work in the United States.  

E-Verify is currently used by over 656,000 employers at 2.1 million hiring sites. It is growing rapidly, with more than 1,400 new businesses enrolling each week. Since September 2009, E-Verify is mandatory for many federal contractors.

Visit the E-Verify website to learn more: