Applicants Lie on Applications All the Time

August 4, 2015

Only a minor percentage of your job applicants will have a serious criminal record or a problem with a driver’s license. More issues are found when employment and education are confirmed.

For instance, an applicant can indicate his/her work responsibilities and time period of employment are X, but it is learned they are really Y. Also, applicants often misrepresent their educational experience and accomplishments. Unfortunately, it is all too common.

What is even more puzzling is the applicant who supplies a resume along with your standard application, and the details differ. It is always smart to require applications be completed in their entirety and, if a resume is provided, compare both. Ask about gaps in employment. If self-employment is listed, ask for references.

And, by all means, make sure applicants know that any facts they list that are later learned to be otherwise could result in being removed from further consideration.

Contributed by Steven J. Austin of LABORCHEX.

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