Another Data Hack

Woman pointing at lock
June 10, 2016

It was the Memorial Weekend announcement no one wanted to receive – another data hack. Social media site MySpace users’ data was now in the hands of criminals; MySpace usernames and passwords for over 360 million people exposed, joining 65 million Tumblr users that were in a similar situation earlier this month. 

Data breach news isn’t unusual, but social media hacks are unusual among breaches. You might think that social media hacks are not as harmful as a retailer hack, but that’s where hackers hope we disregard these breaches. 

Often when we use a form of social media, we post more than just our name and email address; we generally include data such as our birthday, hometown, current city, as well as other important information someone might need to steal our identity. 

What’s even more alarming is that the two social media sites that were hacked are not the most common social media sites we use. A majority of the 360 million accounts hacked via MySpace are old and unused accounts, but that shouldn’t deter you from changing any passwords associated with the email account tied to your MySpace or Tumblr. 

With just an email and password – especially if you’re still using the same ones – hackers can not only log into other social media accounts, they can attempt to log into any website to any other service you use. Even with a changed password, it’s important to monitor your credit score for any changes and review all bank and credit card statements. 

When it comes to preventing data breaches for your company, make sure you are using the securest payment platform to protect your data as well as your customers. CardConnect’s Chief Security Officer, Rush Taggart reminds us “Today’s mag-stripe technology in the United States is the equivalent of leaving the front door of your house wide open.” Make sure you take your business out of the PCI Scope by using a secure payment platform.   

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