Action Alert: Urge Congress to Vote, Pass USMCA

December 16, 2019

In light of this week’s deal on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the US Chamber of Commerce is asking for your help to make sure the House of Representatives votes to pass the agreement this year. Please contact your members of Congress ASAP and urge them to hold a vote and pass the USMCA deal before the end of the year. Click here for contact information.

The agreement means we're one step closer to a trade deal that will protect the jobs of 12 million Americans in addition to modernizing provisions for digital trade, financial services, and agriculture trade. However, with only 18 days left, it is essential that members of Congress are hearing from the businesses in their districts urging them to vote yes on the agreement this year.

To assist you, we have provided several key points for you to raise. Additionally, you can find specific information on how trade with Canada and Mexico benefits Michigan by clicking here

USMCA Key Talking Points

  • USMCA will lock in open trade with our two most important trading partners. Canada and Mexico aren’t just the largest markets for U.S. exports. They are our top trading partners, and the flow of commerce across the continent supports 12 million American jobs.  The two countries even accounted for 40% of all U.S. export growth over the past decade.  USMCA will lock in tariff-free trade across North America for virtually all goods.
  • USMCA is vital to American manufacturers. Canada and Mexico purchase more made-in-America manufactured goods than our next 11 largest export markets combined. U.S.-manufactured goods exports to Canada and Mexico support the jobs of more than 2 million men and women, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.  USMCA guarantees tariff-free access to these markets for U.S.-made manufactured goods.
  • American farmers and ranchers need USMCA. Nearly one-third of U.S. agricultural exports go to our North American neighbors, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, and Canada and Mexico are top buyers of U.S. grains, dairy products, meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  • USMCA updates North American trade for the digital age. USMCA provides best-in-class rules for digital trade, blocking protectionist barriers and allowing companies of all sizes and sectors to engage in digital commerce across the continent.
  • USMCA protects intellectual property and blocks counterfeiting and piracy.  Intellectual property is the secret sauce of American innovation, and IP-intensive industries employ more than 45 million Americans.
  • USMCA boosts American small business exporters. Canada and Mexico are the top two export destinations for U.S. small and medium-size enterprises, approximately 120,000 of which sell their goods and services to our two North American neighbors.
  • USMCA means certainty in a turbulent world. Approving USMCA will reassure job creators and financial markets that commerce with our two most important trading partners can flourish under clear, consistent rules that facilitate long-term planning and investment.