Attract and Retain Quality Employees With Current, Accurate Compensation Data

We are seeing a lot of fluctuations in the compensation and benefits area, which is making it difficult for Michigan businesses to know if they are paying their employees in line with the rest of the state and, more specifically, within their industry. And, of course, providing affordable health coverage, while remaining competitive with others in the industry, is a huge challenge.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has been offering a multi-industry Michigan business salary and benefits survey - WageAccess® -  for over 20 years that provides employers with current, accurate compensation information needed to attract and retain quality employees; and it allows competitors to share current wage information with each other while maintaining complete participant confidentiality. More than 5,200 organizations participate across the United States with over 1,000 from the Great Lakes region and growing! Click here for a partial list of participants in the Great Lakes region.

You may participate in the survey by clicking here and providing basic information. All that is needed is a computer with internet access; participants can view results when and how they want them.

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  • $349 for Michigan Chamber members that participate in the survey. A $250 savings! ($599 for non-member participants.)
  • $749 for Michigan Chamber members that don't participate in the survey. A $350 savings! ($1,099 for non-member non-participants.)

Contact Abigail Williamson at or 517-371-7675 to verify membership and get the member promo code.

Learn more about the Michigan Chamber Salary and Benefits Survey, powered by WageAccess.

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