Poll Shows Strong Michigan Support for Line 5 Tunnel Project

Illustration of Line 5 underground tunnel, 100 feet below lake bed.

Marketing Resource Group recently conducted a statewide poll of 600 active voters regarding the plan to replace a portion of Line 5 that crosses the Straits of Mackinac with a new underground tunnel. The results of the MRG poll shows Michigan voters agree with the Michigan Chamber’s support for a public/private partnership to replace Line 5 with a state-of-the-art underground tunnel.

55.3% of voters strongly support/somewhat support replacing Line 5 with an underground tunnel. Only 17.9% of voters strongly oppose/somewhat oppose the plan.

When asked should the Governor work with the State Legislature to fix legislation and allow the project to continue, 86.7% of voters said yes; only 4.5% of voters said no.

Michigan is the Great Lakes State. The best way to protect the Great Lakes, maintain vital energy infrastructure, and ensure safe energy delivery for Michigan working families and job providers in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula is to replace Line 5 with a state-of-the-art underground tunnel.

Line 5 has been a vital piece of Michigan's energy infrastructure since 1953.

Did You Know?

Line 5 supplies the state with 55 percent of the propane we use in our homes, businesses, and in our agriculture industry. In the Upper Peninsula, where many families rely on propane for heating and cooking, Line 5 brings us 65% of the propane we need and helps keep fuel costs down. About 315,000 Michigan families use propane to heat their homes — more than any other state.

And Line 5 provides more than just propane for homes. It also provides fuel for our cars, trucks, planes and boats. Further, Line 5 delivers the core petrochemical ingredients some of our manufacturers rely on to produce the products they sell to Michigan and beyond. Without Line 5, products would have to be shipped on trains and trucks, creating more traffic on our roads and rails, along with increased emissions.   

Line 5 is important to us, which is why the Michigan Agency for Energy made the following statement in its 2018 presentation to the Pipeline Safety Advisory Board:

“If for whatever reason Line 5 and the products it transports were suddenly unavailable, there would be consequences to our energy security, likely resulting in a reduction in our resiliency and our ability to withstand future energy supply disruptions or market volatility.”

We all want to protect the Great Lakes while continuing to ensure our state benefits from safe, affordable and reliable energy. That’s why the Line 5 Tunnel Project makes sense – to businesses and, according to MRG’s recent poll, Michigan voters.

Let’s keep Moving Michigan Forward.

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