7 Key Perspectives for Group Interactions

November 4, 2015

Nearly everyone has been confounded by human behavior at one point or another and guilty of allowing stressful dynamics influence their own reactions. Maintaining your confidence and composure among different personality types is essential to successful group interactions and that commitment begins with just a few key perspectives:

  1. You know that you have your own biases and triggers that can influence reactive behavior.
  2. You cannot be emotionally attached to the responses of another person, no matter HOW one thinks a person SHOULD respond.
  3. You understand that the power play or securing power positions is never the goal.
  4. You recognize what battles you should pick and when.
  5. You are aware that each person has a different internal reaction to change, however subtle or overt, and may or may not be aware of their own temperature gauge.
  6. You realize that each person assesses information differently, which influences how they communicate.
  7. You get that communication is a skill and is accompanied by certain tools that must be used.

Contributed by Allison McClintick, owner of FlightLead.

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