5 Ways HR Can Build Your Brand

August 15, 2017

When most people think about branding, Human Resources is not something that naturally comes to mind. Instead, you think of slick advertising campaigns and instantly identifiable logos that inherently promise value, quality and a desirable image or personality. 

Many would argue that strong brands attract strong talent, but strong brands are also built by strong talent. It’s no secret that employees who are engaged work harder, are more productive and are less likely to leave their companies. 

Study after study shows that organizations that score high in employee engagement have higher productivity and profitability and lower turnover and absenteeism. 

Engaged employees who believe in the companies they work for, who feel bought into the workplace culture, create value for a brand through productivity. But, they can also become brand ambassadors for your organization. 

Your current employees are a trusted source of information for potential employees. 

Branding is no longer solely the job of the marketing department. HR professionals must now embrace their roles as internal branders. Let’s take a closer look at five aspects of that role:  

  1. Onboarding 

  1. Reward programs 

  1. Communication and messaging 

  1. Culture 

  1. Technology 

The role of HR in branding will continue to be an important one. The research has shown that an engaged, productive and inspired workforce of brand ambassadors can positively impact your brand as well as any marketing or PR campaign you put together. 

Organizations that approach branding from the inside out build a strong foundation for success. 

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