2017-2018 Legislative Accomplishments

Following are highlights of key issues from the 2017-2018 legislative session and the results that we achieved on your behalf. This is not an exhaustive list, rather it denotes several issues impacting large segments of our membership.

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Clarify Donor Rules
SB 335

The Michigan Chamber strongly advocated for this amendment to Michigan Campaign Finance Act to grant notice to donors regarding how to utilize their First Amendment free speech rights. 
Public Act 119 of 2017


Check MarkReform Unemployment Insurance System 
HBs 5165-72

The Michigan Chamber advocated for reforms to the 100% employer-financed unemployment insurance (UI) system to block UI identity theft claims and the payment of fraudulent benefits and to make other miscellaneous changes to the law. 
Public Acts 225-232 of 2017 


Check MarkExpand Utilization of Refined Petroleum Fund 
HB 4583

The Michigan Chamber advocated for legislation to allow for the utilization of the Refined Petroleum Fund in certain circumstances to cover corrective action costs incurred by underground storage tank owners.  
Public Act 134 of 2017 


Check MarkEliminate the Sales Tax on Dental Prosthetics
HB 5164, HB 5173
SBs 566-567

The Michigan Chamber successfully championed legislation to return the taxation of dental prosthetics in Michigan to tax exempt status. 
Public Acts 218-221 of 2017 

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Expand Treasury's Settlement Authority
HB 4976

The Michigan Chamber successfully advocated for legislation that allows Treasury to settle tax disputes without having to spend significant time and money on legal proceedings and appeals. 
Public Act 215 of 2017

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Preempt Local Governments from Adopting a Local Excise Tax on Food and Drinks
HB 4999

The Michigan Chamber strongly advocated for legislation to stop local units of government from taxing prepared foods (e.g., soda pop, candy bars and foods served at restaurants). This change puts employers on a level playing field and eases the administrative burdens on businesses while holding down the price of grocery items for consumers.
Public Act 135 of 2017

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Soften Essential Services Assessments (ESA) Filing Deadline
SBs 570-573

The Michigan Chamber successfully advocated for legislation to provide business owners some leeway for the deadline to submit personal property exemption forms.
Public Acts 261-264 of 2017