Chamber Members Win Big on Election Day!

November 9, 2016

Yesterday, Democrats, Republicans and Independents cast a vote in favor of Chamber-endorsed candidates running on an agenda of limited government and free enterprise. Delivering powerful advocacy is a core competency of the Michigan Chamber and we are pleased to report that once again we delivered for you. Through our advocacy and leadership, we helped retain a rule-of-law majority on the Michigan Supreme Court and business-friendly majorities in the State House and U.S. Congress. In momentous fashion, state and federal Chamber-endorsed legislative candidates won 51 of 52 races. Michigan Chamber Board Member and Chamber-endorsed candidate for the University of Michigan Board of Regents – Ron Weiser – also won!

These electoral successes would not have been possible without the overwhelming support of Michigan Chamber members. Your leadership in providing financial contributions to Chamber PACs and personal energy towards supporting candidates was a vital element of our success and we are thankful to all of you who participated. Chamber members should feel great about our accomplishments achieved together this election cycle, but as you know, another battle is just two years away…

Michigan Retains Two Outstanding Rule-of-Law Justices

Incumbent Michigan Supreme Court Justices Joan Larsen and David Viviano won landslide victories yesterday, and stability is maintained on Michigan’s high court. The Michigan Chamber played an integral role in these two campaigns through advertisements on TV, radio, and the internet. Our TV ad can be viewed here.

Justice Viviano won his race for a full eight-year term with 70 percent of the vote. Justice Larsen won her race with 58 percent of the vote. Justice Larsen’s victory was to complete the remainder of the term (two years) vacated by former Justice Mary Beth Kelly. Justice Larsen, if she chooses, will be back on the ballot in 2018 to run for a full eight-year term.

43 of 44 Chamber-Endorsed State House Candidates Victorious

Ninety-eight percent of Michigan Chamber-endorsed candidates for State House won their races. Republicans flipped one seat on election day and Democrats flipped a different seat right back, resulting in a wash. Republicans maintain a strong majority in the State House with a 63-member majority among 110 total seats. Democrats fell short of the nine seats they needed to take majority in the House.

With the results of today’s election in the books, it is expected that the next Speaker of the State House will be Representative Tom Leonard (R – DeWitt). Representative Leonard had a 93 percent voting record with the Michigan Chamber this past legislative session.

More Good News!  MI Chamber 8-for-8 in Congressional Races

The Michigan Chamber endorsed eight incumbents/candidates for the U.S. House, and they each soared to victory in last night’s election. They include: Jack Bergman (1st District), Bill Huizenga (2nd District), John Moolenaar (4th District), Fred Upton (6th District), Tim Walberg (7th District), Mike Bishop (8th District), Paul Mitchell (10th District) and David Trott (11th District).

Paul Mitchell joins Congressman David Trott as the second Michigan Chamber member that will serve in the US Congress next session.

The three races that the media said would be close turned into landslide victories for Chamber-endorsed candidates:

  • Congressman-Elect Jack Bergman won 55% to 40%
  • Congressman Mike Bishop won 56% to 39%
  • Congressman Tim Walberg won 55% to 40%

In closing, please know these victories would not be possible without your support as a member of the Michigan Chamber. For those that are involved as PAC contributors, we extend a special thank you. To learn more about the Chamber PAC, please contact Brad Hantler, Manager of Grassroots & Political Action, at (517) 371-7640 or