10 Tips to Avoid Liability for Unlawful Employment Discrimination

April 21, 2015

10 Tips for helping you to avoid liability for unlawful employment discrimination:

  1. Include an EEO policy statement in your employee handbook.
  2. Train interviewers about lawful and unlawful pre-employment inquiries.
  3. Audit employment applications for unlawful pre-employment inquiries.
  4. Audit any testing for job-relatedness and disparate impact.
  5. Invest in training your supervisors on EEO matters.
  6. Make employment decisions without regard to prohibited personal characteristics.
  7. Monitor employment decisions to ensure that similarly situated employees are similarly treated.
  8. Monitor hiring decisions for disparate impact.
  9. Post all notices from the EEOC and from the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.
  10. Remember that your best defense to any discrimination charge is your ability to truthfully articulate and document fair, legitimate business reasons for every personnel decision you make.

Excerpted from the Michigan Chamber’s 2015 Employment Law Handbook authored by attorneys from the Miller Canfield law firm.

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