10 Considerations for Diversity Initiatives

diverse office workers
November 2, 2017

A diverse workforce is a key element to a successful enterprise. Here are 10 points to consider when developing diversity initiatives within your organization:

  1. Link the company’s initiatives to its overall mission. Given its mission and unique working environment, each organization must consider and define for itself what it means by “diversity.”
  2. Develop reasonable and realistic goals for each phase of any program.
  3. Build consensus around the program’s purpose, process, and implementation strategies.
  4. Link diversity efforts such as recruitment, development, and retention strategies to organizational performance.
  5. Share information freely and frequently – not just at the beginning and end of the initiative, but throughout the process, reporting not just successes, but also challenges and lessons learned.
  6. View diversity initiatives as investments, rather than “feel good programs.” 
  7. Encourage the development of innovative programs that capture the interest of those within the workplace.
  8. Seek and convey commitment from executive leadership that goes beyond lip service. The commitment to diversity should be evident in company business practices, not only in speeches delivered by leaders.
  9. Secure adequate resources to support diversity initiatives.
  10. Study “best practices” at peer companies.

Excerpted from the Michigan Chamber’s Employment Law Handbook: Employer & Employee Protections.