Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan Lowers Fuel Costs and Could Create Jobs

“Five years ago, estimates suggested there was only a 25-year supply of natural gas remaining.  However, with the discovery of natural gas production from shale rock, the estimate is now at over 100 years supply of natural gas.”  MSU graduate Jeff Cook, president of Southwestern Oil Company of Greenville, Mich.

Job Applicants that Lie on their Applications

At our offices we often look at each other in amazement when we see some of the job applications and resumes forwarded to us so we can conduct background checks. We see outright lies about previous employment and education. We see people who admit to a criminal record, but only give partial details.

Tips for Energy Efficiency

Whether you own or lease your building, you typically need lighting, heating, air conditioning, power for office equipment, and other services to stay in business. This guide “Tips for Energy Efficiency” by the U.S. Small Business Adminstration will help you to maximize energy efficiency, which will save you money while helping the environment.

Ensure Job Applicant Questions are Legal

The good old days of hiring only people you know are long gone. These days it would be rare for a business with a significant number of employees to have a workforce comprised only of friends and relatives.

7 Ways to Green Your Business

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Why a Data Breach Makes Fraud Your Problem — Even If the Breach Isn’t

A recent data breach scare at eBay is just the latest in a series of hacking incidents that are reaching epidemic proportions. Aren't you glad they don’t affect you? They can. Just because your data security is intact doesn’t mean you won't be on the receiving end of potential card fraud involving data stolen from another merchant. Stolen data could end up in a potentially fraudulent card transaction in your store. Are you ready to spot it?

ID Theft On the Job

Every day you read or hear another story about ID theft. You also see and hear all the commercials for services that claim they will protect you. Regardless of what you believe and/or purchase, you cannot protect yourself 100%. When it comes to the employment process, you can learn if an applicant may be involved in some type of ID theft issue.