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Guidelines for Avoiding Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence is increasing. In society there are many stresses. Our current work/economic environment is certainly stressful as employers attempt to remain viable. 

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Payroll Provider

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The use of traditional, painstakingly manual payroll systems are on the decline, and for good reason -- they're repetitive, complicated and prone to human error.  

Your Employee Screening Compliance Checklist For 2017

  • Review your job application, and disclosure & authorization forms for background checks to ensure they are legally compliant. We can provide you with generic disclosure and authorization forms. 

What's the Secret for Finding Good People?

Employee Personnel Files: Paper or Electronic?

Hiring Documents Willfully Violated Fair Credit Reporting Act

Michigan Labor Law Poster Changes

The state of Michigan just released an update to the Michigan Law Prohibits Discrimination poster, which must be posted for your employees.

These are the two most recent updates to Michigan labor law. There are 18 total required employment notices that Michigan businesses with at least one employee must post.

Service Dogs in the Workplace

5 Steps to Help You Decide What Salary to Pay Your Employees

Choose Your Words Wisely when Making Collection Calls