Human Resources

Social Media Background Checks

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More and more employers are thinking about, or actually doing, checks of a job applicant’s social media sites, with or without, the applicant’s permission.

The jury is really out on all of this, and here is why:

33 Most Common Jobs in Michigan and their Average Pay

5 Ways HR Can Build Your Brand

When most people think about branding, Human Resources is not something that naturally comes to mind. Instead, you think of slick advertising campaigns and instantly identifiable logos that inherently promise value, quality and a desirable image or personality. 

Hiring Nightmare

When Your Employee Asks for a Raise

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One of your direct reports wants more money. He says he’s underpaid. Or he thinks he’s doing work above his current title. Whether or not you hold the purse strings for your team or organization, this is a tough situation for managers. How should you respond?

A Background Check BEFORE or AFTER you Make a Job Offer?


Many clients who are putting together their first background screening program ask us the same questions:

5 Tips for Setting Your Salary as a Business Owner

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If you’re a sole proprietor with no employees and very little business overhead, what you pay yourself is pretty much what you earn in sales minus your costs and taxes. But what happens when your business grows, or you enter a partnership, or take on employees – how do you determine what your salary should be?

Religion Discrimination

Some studies have counted over 124 different religions practiced in the United States and these religions range from only 10 adherents to tens of millions.  When responding to requests for accommodation for religious practices, though, the size of the religion is irrelevant. The wrong answer to the employee who is a member of a 10-member tribe can create as much liability as the wrong answer to an adherent of a major religion.

10 Tactics for Defusing Anger

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When someone around us loses their temper, our natural defensive tendency is to match their intensity and also become offensive. This response usually only serves to pour gasoline onto the fire. Although counter-intuitive, a calm, measured response can de-escalate the situation.

Let’s talk about some tactics for defusing anger:

Basics of Job Applications, Interviewing & Background Checks

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Here are some general tips to help you understand some of the basics about job applications, interviewing, and background checks. The goal is to hire the best people and to minimize risks. By no means does the following cover everything you need to know, but this will get you thinking and possibly making some necessary adjustments.