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A Background Check BEFORE or AFTER you Make a Job Offer?


Many clients who are putting together their first background screening program ask us the same questions:

5 Tips for Setting Your Salary as a Business Owner

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If you’re a sole proprietor with no employees and very little business overhead, what you pay yourself is pretty much what you earn in sales minus your costs and taxes. But what happens when your business grows, or you enter a partnership, or take on employees – how do you determine what your salary should be?

Religion Discrimination

Some studies have counted over 124 different religions practiced in the United States and these religions range from only 10 adherents to tens of millions.  When responding to requests for accommodation for religious practices, though, the size of the religion is irrelevant. The wrong answer to the employee who is a member of a 10-member tribe can create as much liability as the wrong answer to an adherent of a major religion.

10 Tactics for Defusing Anger

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When someone around us loses their temper, our natural defensive tendency is to match their intensity and also become offensive. This response usually only serves to pour gasoline onto the fire. Although counter-intuitive, a calm, measured response can de-escalate the situation.

Let’s talk about some tactics for defusing anger:

Basics of Job Applications, Interviewing & Background Checks

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Here are some general tips to help you understand some of the basics about job applications, interviewing, and background checks. The goal is to hire the best people and to minimize risks. By no means does the following cover everything you need to know, but this will get you thinking and possibly making some necessary adjustments.

7 Undeniable Truths of Employee Pay


To you, their salaries are just a line item in the budget. To your employees, they're much more.

Your employees are your business, so ignore the following truths at your peril: 

Costly Age Discrimination Lawsuits on the Rise

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Earlier this year a federal jury awarded 66-year-old Robert Braden a whopping $51.1 million in damages against his former employer Lockheed Martin Corporation. Mr. Braden was not a high-level executive; instead, he was a mid-level manager who had been employed by Lockheed Martin for 28 years. He was discharged as part of a company-wide reduction in force (RIF). 

At trial, Braden’s counsel presented the following salient facts to the jury:

Guidelines for Avoiding Workplace Violence

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Workplace violence is increasing. In society there are many stresses. Our current work/economic environment is certainly stressful as employers attempt to remain viable. 

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Payroll Provider

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The use of traditional, painstakingly manual payroll systems are on the decline, and for good reason -- they're repetitive, complicated and prone to human error.  

Your Employee Screening Compliance Checklist For 2017

  • Review your job application, and disclosure & authorization forms for background checks to ensure they are legally compliant. We can provide you with generic disclosure and authorization forms.