Research Studies

Public policy studies on key business climate issues help shape the debate in the Michigan Legislature. Made possible through the Michigan Chamber Foundation, these data-driven reports help frame the issues for Michigan legislators and provide policymakers with an accurate understanding of where Michigan stacks up against other states in the tough competition for jobs and future capital investments.

In 2012, the Michigan Chamber Foundation launched the first edition of a major public policy study conducted by Northwood University on Michigan's economic competitiveness. The study used more than 200 variables to create the Northwood University Competitiveness Index. The variables were factored into five categories that measure economic performance. In that inaugural study, Michigan's overall ranking was 47th. In the 2013 study, Michigan's overall economic competitiveness improved - to 39th. We are pleased to report that in the 2014 study, Michigan's overall ranking improved even further - to 30th. Michigan is on an aggressive comeback path.

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2014 Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study - Executive Brief
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2014 Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study - Full Study

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