Strategies to Restore Employee Rights in a Unionized Workplace: Impact of Freedom To Work

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Walsh College, Novi

Before right to work, many Michigan employers and employees believed there was no choice with union membership once a labor contract was in place. When Michigan became the 24th right to work state, offering the promise of choice, employees and employers started asking many questions about what choices they now have. Choice is now guaranteed by law, and bubbles are being burst about the rights employees and employers really have in dealing with unions.

Attend this half day program and know what the new Freedom to Work law really means to a unionized workplace and get the answers you need to understand how to restore employee rights in a unionized workplace. This is a don’t-miss critical program to understanding your rights.

Workplace Application:
Employers will understand the rights that they and their employees have with regard to unions in their workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the real meaning of union security, and its impact on union membership, dues payment, and job retention;
  2. Learn the difference between union membership, checkoff authorization, and dues obligation;
  3. Be able to explain to employees what the right to work law does to provide employees with protected rights making union dues optional;
  4. Appreciate the burden of the signed union authorization card and the contract employees have with the union;
  5. Be aware of what union rules require of employees and what these rules can cost employees
  6. Understand how employees can resign from the union, the method of resignation, and the effect of resignation;
  7. Learn about decertification and methods of removing a union from the workplace;
  8. Appreciate what it means to deal with an NLRB that is friendly to unions and their retention in the workplace; and
  9. Know what rights employers have to inform employees of their rights, including self-help decertification.

Steven J. Fishman is chair of the acclaimed Workplace Law Group within Bodman PLC, a leading business law firm. As one of the Chamber's most popular, experienced and knowledgeable speakers on labor and employment law matters, Steve has over 40 years' experience in labor and employment law representing employers as labor counsel. His forte is finding innovative solutions to workplace problem for employers in the private and public sectors.