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December 5, 2016
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Training employees may be a high priority for employers, but is it often poorly executed. If you train employees properly and give them adequate time to practice their new skills – with ample feedback along the way – you will see increased accuracy, less anxiety, and more teamwork.  


December 2, 2016
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What is My Legal Obligation to Pay Employees? What Happens If I Don't Pay Them?

Times are tough for many companies, and when cash is short it is tempting to try to save money by delaying payment to employees or not paying terminated employees. But paying employees is one...

December 1, 2016
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The recent election results will produce significant changes in U.S. immigration policies and processes. With a Republican-controlled House, Senate and the Presidency, changes to current U.S. immigration processes appear to be guaranteed. In addition, changes to U.S. immigration laws and...

November 30, 2016
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Once you have conducted your interviews and narrowed it down to your top candidates, it is now time to choose between these top candidates. Many organizations choose to do assessments to help them make this final decision.

There are several different types of tests available; personality...

November 28, 2016
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Job providers from across the state today joined together to speak out against legislation that would mandate suburban employers become the tax collectors for Michigan cities that impose an income tax on their residents. Legislation in both the Michigan Senate (Senate Bill 1127) and...

November 23, 2016
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A federal judge in Texas has issued a nationwide injunction blocking the US Department of Labor’s (US-DOL) new overtime rule. The injunction halts enforcement of the rule until the case is decided. 

The regulation was scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2016. It...

November 18, 2016
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I have met with scores of underperforming business owners over the years and delivered the bad news: it is close to impossible to get an acceptable price (to the owner) for his/her business given the industry standard of valuing businesses at a multiple of cash flow.

With little cash...

November 16, 2016
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For the largest corporations in the United States, renewable energy is becoming business as usual. This is as good news for the bottom line as it is for our planet. In fact, nearly half of the largest companies in the U.S. are already capturing significant business value by cutting emissions and...

November 15, 2016
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So you want to sell to the world? You’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the Internet, setting up an import/export business can be ridiculously simple and very profitable. Here are ways to make it happen.

Without a website or blog, you can't have a networked import/export business. Get...

November 14, 2016
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Regardless of your opinion about the outcome of last week’s election, one thing that is clear from job providers in the ensuing week is that government mandates and over-regulation are damaging the ability of employers to grow and create jobs! The Michigan Chamber has been a leader in...