Certification Programs Application Form

Certifications Infographic

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce sponsors certification programs to recognize educational achievement and professional excellence in the areas of Human Resources, Tax Policy & Finance, Environmental, Health & Safety and Management & Supervision.

The ongoing certification curriculum is comprised of top-quality courses designed to help you do your job more effectively. Enrollment in these certification programs will demonstrate your efforts toward continuing education and voluntary compliance with legal regulations.

Basic Requirements:

  • There is no fee for enrolling in the certification program. Participants pay only the regular registration fee for each seminar.
  • Participants are under no obligation to complete the certification requirements.
  • The Michigan Chamber will maintain a transcript of participants’ collective credits; participants need to inform Chamber of qualified online courses and on-demand webinars they have completed (provide certificate of completion).
  • Participants will receive promotional brochures and/or emails about qualifying seminars. Each brochure/email will state if the seminar or webinar qualifies for the certification program and, if so, what the credit value is.
  • All Certification Program credits must be earned within 2 years.
  • Participants will be awarded a personalized certificate upon completion of the Certification Program.
*NOTE: The basic certification must be completed prior to enrolling in the advanced certification program.