Tax Policy

Eliminate Personal Property Tax

Approved by Michigan Chamber Board of Directors January 25, 2012

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce reaffirms its support for legislative action to eliminate the burdensome business personal property tax. The Michigan Chamber opposes efforts to implement a constitutionally guaranteed source of revenue replacement.


Streamlined Sales Tax Legislation

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce supports legislation to allow the State of Michigan to enter into a multi-state agreement to simplify administration of sales and uses taxes by reducing the burden of tax compliance on individuals and businesses through the development of a more uniform collection process. In order to receive support from the Michigan Chamber, any streamlined sales tax legislation must:

Repeal of the Single Business Tax

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce supports the statutory initiative and/or legislation to repeal the Single Business Tax (SBT) in 2007, while continuing to work to develop replacement tax revenue to be paid by business that results in a net tax reduction, is less burdensome on employers, less complicated, and encourages economic development.


Estate and Inheritance Taxes

The Michigan Chamber reaffirms opposition to any state level inheritance or estate tax.

Income Taxes

The Michigan Chamber reaffirms support for retaining Article 9, Section 7 of the 1963 State Constitution, which provides “No income tax graduated as to rate or base shall be imposed by the state or any of its subdivisions.”

The Michigan Business Tax Surcharge

The Michigan Chamber supports significantly reducing or fully eliminating the Michigan Business Tax Surcharge at the earliest opportunity. The Chamber is also opposed to any further increase in the Michigan Business Tax or the Personal Income Tax.

The 2008 Michigan Fair Tax Ballot Proposal

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce continues to believe that our state's economic competitiveness should be improved by providing all taxpayers with broad based tax relief. However, we oppose the 2008 Michigan Fair Tax ballot proposal to amend the State Constitution to impose a 9.75% sales and use tax on consumer purchases of goods and services because the petition currently being circulated has too many unanswered questions and unresolved problems to warrant support.