Discounted Employment Background Screening Services

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To ensure you are hiring the right employee, pre-employment screening helps you verify information supplied by candidates on their application letters and resumes. This background checks often tries to uncover criminal tendencies and character flaws that might jeopardize the employer, endanger fellow staff, tarnish the reputation of the company/organization, or limit the productivity of the candidate.

At the end of the day, you want to find out if you can trust the candidate to manage your financial resources, project-sensitive and confidential information.

At the most basic, a screening covers the following;

  • Criminal history: Criminal history checks are the cornerstone of most job-related background checks. The process begins with a check for big crimes including violent offenses, sex crimes, fraud and embezzlement and other felony reports. After the big crimes are exhausted, minor crimes including petty theft are checked.
  • Education: Over two-thirds of the requests made to college registrars for confirmation of educational credentials reveal factual discrepancies. Applicants frequently lie about where and when they went to school and what certifications they obtained. 
  • Credit history: One of the best ways to determine whether or not a person is responsible is to look at how well they manage their finances. It also is part of the due-diligence process to prevent fraud and embezzlement.
  • Others: Pre-employment background screening can cover many other things including: worker’s compensation claims, motor vehicle records, employment verification and technical qualifications.

Background Screening with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce offers professional and valuable pre-employment screening services at discounted rates to our members.

Through our partnership with LABORCHEX, you can cost-effectively screen applicants and even generate screening reports for later use. What’s more, there are no set-up fees or minimum requirements. You just log onto the easy-to-use website, pay, and begin screening.

Just call 1-800-880-0366 and mention that you’re a member of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to begin your discounted pre-employment screening.

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